Last school year, on June 14, 2015, Yeshiva Tiferes Tzvi held their fourth annual Siyum Hashanah, marking a banner year of great accomplishments for all grades in the yeshiva. The Siyum Hashanah is a much anticipated event, as all talmidim have the opportunity to express their own personal simcha as they celebrate their successes together with their rebbeim and parents. The event started with an assembly, where the Menahel, Rabbi Zev Meisels, addressed the entire student body, emphasizing the great accomplishments and the necessity to celebrate them. Then, the talmidim were shown a powerful slide show entitled, “Flash Tracks 5775,” a presentation which was accompanied by lively music and highlighted the events and accomplishments of the talmidim throughout the year. The talmidim of the yeshiva have been looking forward to the new slide show as they have been watching last year’s slide show since it was sent to the families of YTT. Each grade clapped and cheered as their grade appeared on the screen, and they relived siyumim, parties, mesibos, trips, and other special events. Following the slide show, the talmidim went outside, where they were greeted by renowned singer, Shloimy Daskal, who came from New York in honor of the occasion. The talmidim then paraded through the streets with their fathers and rebbeim, which was led with the unique firetruck used by Hachnosas Sifrei Torah, upon which Shloimy Daskal was singing. Each class proudly carried a banner which listed all that they had learned during the year, as they joyously danced and sang. Afterwards, the dancing continued in the school yard, where they enjoyed some refreshments and continued to celebrate the end of a very productive year of learning and growing. Daskal, who was excited to participate in such a unique event, commented, “This is a real Simchas Torah!” After the dancing in the yard was finished, the 7th grade talmidim were treated to a memorable private kumzitz with the singer for their help throughout the event. One of the biggest memories the talmidim walked away with was that of the lack of rain. Talmidim came to yeshiva that morning through pouring rain and were nervous that the event would be cancelled. But, not long before the event was scheduled to begin, the rain stopped and the sun began to shine. “The weather was a clear nais,” said Rabbi Yoel Rosenberg, Director of Special Activites and 6th grade rebbi at YTT. “But it was just another point that added to the energy and ruach that was generated by the slide show and the singing and dancing both in the streets and the yard. That level of excitement says a lot about how much the talmidim appreciate their accomplishments and how much they enjoyed the year. It’s excitement that’s tangible and will help the talmidim accomplish even more in the years to come!” IMG_1312IMG_1261 IMG_1216 IMG_1460IMG_1936  


The 2023/5783 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Strength in Unity

Kehillah Fund Annual Report 2023 - cover