Chanukas Habayis (1) On May 26, ל”ג בעומר , dawned bright and sunny for Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi. Despite the weatherman’s predictions, the clouds and rains were held at bay. Our 2 ספרי תורה – one donated by the Knopf family a year ago, and the Kranczer family ספר תורה that was used in YTT for 20 years, were carried by Rabbi Yosef Knopf and R’ Anshel Kranczer. They were accompanied by over 400 talmidim, the Rebbeim, staff, hanhalah, Presidium, many community Rabbonim, including Harav Dovid Zucker, יושב ראש of the JDBY-YTT ועד ,החינוך and many parents, grandparents and friends of the school. We said farewell to the old building and marched up California Avenue to the music of Azamrah orchestra perched on top of the iconic WiFi הכנסת ס”ת antique fire truck. The celebration continued in the spacious play yard of the brand new Simcha Eliezer Dovid Davis Campus as each class had an opportunity to dance with the ספרי תורה. The excitement mounted as Rabbi Knopf and Mr. Kranczer entered the building with the ספרי תורה, followed by all the talmidim and celebrants who were getting their first look at the long awaited David and Frieda Glenner Building. After more dancing in the beautiful new בית מדרש, we had the זכות to welcome the Telzer ראש ישיבה, Harav Avrohom Chaim Levine שליט”א for דברי ברכה . The older grades and guests were addressed by Rav Zev Cohen, member of the ועד החינוך , and our Menahel, Rabbi Zev Meisels. All the תלמידים enjoyed a lavish catered seuda and entertainment by the incomparable Rabbi Yitzy Erps. The excitement of the תלמידים , having a beautiful, spacious building custom tailored to the needs of the ישיבה, has had a profound effect on the atmosphere of the ישיבה. We are looking forward to continued shteiging for years to come! The school has הכרת הטוב to R’ Dovid Neiman of Maytav Construction, R’ Eli Gluck of LTC Interiors, and R’ Mordy Bogen of Fern Office Supplies for collaborating on this project to create such a stunning and practical מקום תורה. Their professionalism and expertise is evident in every inch of the building. In addition, R’ Moshe Davis, Rabbi Moshe Katz, and R’ Yossi Meystel steered the project with their vision, support, and countless hours and days devoted to this project. Their efforts are greatly appreciated, along with the hard work of the executive staff, Rabbi Simcha Adelman and Rabbi Yehoshua Pinkus whose attention to every detail, large and small, has made the building function as a school. Last but not least, the Yeshiva expresses gratitude to Rabbi Avrohom S. Brownstein for his extraordinary fundraising, and to all the donors who helped make this a reality. The school is very honored that the campus and building are graced with the names of the Davis and Glenner families, two families renowned for their legendary decades-long multigenerational involvement in the school. Ron Gould (20) Deja Views (4) Ron Gould (16) DSC00347


The 2023/5783 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Strength in Unity

Kehillah Fund Annual Report 2023 - cover