kollel-zmanei-simcha-an-incredible-kiddush-hashem Walk into the YTT beis medrash at 7:20 a.m., and you will be astonished to see dozens of 6-8 graders earnestly engaged in Shnayim Mikrah – before Shacharis! This new program, Kollel Zmanei Simcha, established by the Davis family in loving memory of Simcha Davis a”h, has generated a mass commitment to be maavir sedrah, week after week. The immediate benefits are three-pronged: the boys are utilizing the extra 10 minutes prior to davening in a most meaningful way; their day is off to a wonderful start; and their davening is enriched with the lingering sweetness of their learning. As Chazal have promised, those who are scrupulous in this area will be granted special brachos, including a long, fruitful life. Each class has been assigned two “Roshei Kollel” who take attendance each morning. Those with a stellar attendance are awarded $5 a month. In addition, all participants are treated to a gala seudah and an exciting trip at the end of each sefer, as well as a chance to win mega raffles, such as x-speed bike. A “Board of Governors” oversees the incentives and ensures that everything is running smoothly. Their enthusiasm was contagious: The 4-5 grades asked to join as well, and they now have their own thriving program in place. That so many boys have become dedicated participants of this unique morning Kollel is a beautiful Kiddush Hashem. Ashreichem, aspiring talmidei chachamim! img_2582 img_2580 img_2578 img_2575 img_2576 img_2583


The 2022/5782 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Building Our Future, Together