Yeshiva Ohr Boruch

K-8 | 2828 W Pratt Avenue, Chicago, IL 60645 | 773-262-0885 | Over 165 students 

About Yeshiva Ohr Boruch

Uniqueness of School: Yeshiva Ohr Boruch, the Veitzener Cheder, is patterned after the Chassidic Chadorim of pre-WWII Europe. Its Limudei Kodesh are taught in Yiddish. It has a state-recognized program of General Studies and a Resource Department that covers the entire spectrum of learners, from remediation to enrichment. A succinct philosophy of the school: Yeshiva Ohr Boruch seeks to transmit authentic Torah and Jewish values in accordance with our time-honored mesorah (traditions). Emphasis is on developing love of G-d, Torah, mitzvos, and one’s fellow people, and appropriate standards of moral and ethical conduct (middos tovos). The goal of Yeshiva Ohr Boruch is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to function successfully in an increasingly complex world. Yeshiva Ohr Boruch believes that the Torah is the heritage of all Jewish people, regardless of their financial resources, and seeks to assist each student in fully realizing his personal potential. Goals of school/school philosophy re: Jewish and secular studies: The Cheder considers secular studies integral to students’ growth and development, as presented through the prism of Torah Hashkafa and the history and experience of the Jewish People. Expectations for students’ diligence, excellence in achievement and comportment are applied to both departments.


The 2022/5782 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Building Our Future, Together