Hashleim Zeh HaBinyan Yeshiva Ohr Boruch, the Veitzener Cheder, has a reputation in Chicago as an innovator. It teaches Limudei Kodesh in Yiddish, yet provides a complete, State recognized program of General Studies, taught exclusively by Torah-observant individuals who impart secular knowledge through a Torah prism. The Cheder also addresses the full spectrum of Special Education, from gifted students to unconventional learners, and has ongoing programs encouraging love of Torah and diligence in studying it. It inculcates students with a positive self-image and middos tovos. Veitzener Cheder is an innovator in the Administrative and Financial realms as well. It was the first Chicago day school to institute minimum tuition, while simultaneously soliciting funds earmarked to assist low-income families. Cheder parents give generously of their time and talents to assist in many different ways: shopping for class events, participating in phone squads for fundraising activities, and planning elegant, memorable annual Banquets and events for students, parents and the public. The lay leadership of the Cheder, its Executive Committee, is intimately involved in assuring the Cheder’s success, both educationally and financially. It has seen the Cheder grow from two classes of sixteen students to a vibrant institution of over two hundred students that continues to grow steadily. This year, the Veitzener Cheder outdid itself. In conjunction with its 30th year of service to the community, and the purchase of a large facility to accommodate its projected growth, the Cheder paid tribute to its four Past Presidents, each of whom played a crucial role in leading the Cheder to a new stage of growth. Rather than holding the event in a local hotel, over 400 attendees assembled at the Cheder’s future home, the former Associated Talmud Torahs/Ida Crown Jewish Academy building. For this special evening, the lower floor of the building was decorated floor to ceiling with curtains, sectioning off separate reception and coatrooms for men and women, and leading to the Gymnasium, which was transformed into a lavishly decorated Banquet Hall rivaling the décor of a downtown hotel. The program was opened by Executive Committee Co-President, Rabbi Yeruchom Levovitz, who thanked everyone instrumental in the Cheder’s past, and all who created the impressive ambiance of the evening. Reb Yeruchom introduced Cheder Founder and Nosi Rav Moshe Yosef Unger, shilt”a, who expounded upon the role dedication takes in creating a Torah institution, as demonstrated in the parshiyos about the Mishkan, and concluded with the bracha given by Moshe Rebbeinu, “may the Shechinah reside in this edifice”. The assemblage then viewed a video presentation in which each Past President explained how he was motivated to assist the Cheder in achieving its goals – whether in organization, locating a suitable facility, achieving financial stability, or attaining educational excellence. The video featured prominent rabbonim and community leaders, former and current parents, who lauded these selfless individuals for their devotion to the Cheder and the community. A second video presentation followed, depicting the vibrant ruach experienced daily by talmidim of Yeshiva Ohr Boruch, their love for learning, and their genuine simchah. The grand finale of the evening was the announcement, made by esteemed community leader Mr. Eric Rothner, that that the Stern Family is dedicating the new Cheder Campus in memory of their parents, Rabbi Moshe and Matel Stern, z”l. Mr. Rothner urged the public to respond generously to the Building Campaign, and audience broke into an enthusiastic, “Borei Olam … hashleim… – “O Creator … Complete this building”, led by the Mezamrim choir. This memorable evening concluded with a video depiction of plans for renovation of the structure into an esthetically pleasing, well-equipped, and welcoming edifice that will further enhance the vibrant ruach of Yeshiva Ohr Boruch. Everyone left the event enthused about the future of the Veitzener Cheder.Banquet - Dais (edited) (1)Banquet_Presidents' Plaque(edited) (1)


The 2022/5782 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Building Our Future, Together