100th Day of School!Torah Academy’s kindergarten class has been counting since the beginning of the year, and as the hundredth day of school drew closer, the atmosphere of excitement grew! Finally, the big day arrived and the kindergartners happily began their long-awaited hundredth day celebrations. Morah prepared a big cake with the number 100 on it, and we helped decorate it really carefully (and then we helped eat it later, maybe not so carefully). The kindergartners, decked out in 100-glasses made from pipe cleaners, worked on a picture of themselves in a hundred years…they predicted how they would look, and calculated how old they would be then. Their masterpieces came out each unique and very impressive. The class also worked on planting one hundred little apple seeds–they were all carefully planted and watered, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll grow! Each child brought in something small from home that they had counted out 100 of–toothpicks, pennies, bottle caps, paper clips…and we put them all together in a beautiful design on a big poster. We are so proud of this mosaic: everyone contributed something, and it really helped us understand how big 100 is. We also worked on beautiful gumball machines with exactly one hundred dots of colorful paint–also known as gumballs–inside! Then, we made a graph of how many dots of each color we had, and we made sure that it added up correctly! The class definitely learned a lot about numbers, counting, and especially the number 100! That was really fun…it was worth the hundred-day wait! unnamed (22) unnamed (23) unnamed (24) unnamed (25) unnamed (26) unnamed (27) unnamed (31)unnamed (29)


The 2022/5782 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Building Our Future, Together