Published on: February 12, 2014

Inspiring Vision of Communal Support

On behalf of the children and families of Hillel Torah North Suburban Day School I would like to extend a tremendous appreciation and ‘yasher co’ach’ to all you that support the Kehillah Fund, led by Dr. and Mrs Yosef Walder and Nesanel Siegal.

The Walder’s vision of communal support for Orthodox Jewish Day School education is inspiring. It brings us all together as a Kehillah. In addition, it provides crucial funding for much needed scholarships. These funds also help to raise the quality of our Judaic and general education for our children. Our children have benefited tremendously from the support provided by the Kehillah Fund and we look forward to being partners with our Kehillah for many years to come.


The 2023/5783 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Strength in Unity

Kehillah Fund Annual Report 2023 - cover