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Our Mission

Dr. Chaim Cember Shaarei Chinuch Day School recognizes and respects the uniqueness of every child. Our school’s primary mission is to foster a love of learning in each student. Our curriculum skillfully weaves Judaism and Montessori together to give our children the best most comprehensive hands on education available for our community today. Children learn to respect each other, value their community, and appreciate and take care of their environment. At SCDS we put great emphasis on Ahavas Yisroel and strive to instill compassion, acceptance and confidence in each child.

Our Philosophy

As King Solomon taught:
“Chanoch l’naar al pi darcho gam ki yazkin lo yosur mimeno (Educate a child according to his/ her way; even when he is old he will not turn from it).” This is both at the core of Judaism as well as the core of the Montessori philosophy.

Each child is viewed as an individual to be nurtured and respected as a whole person, not just academically. We believe that we (teachers, parents and students) are all part of a team working together to help our children work toward reaching their G-d given potential.

Our Method

Shaarei Chinuch Day School combines Judaic and secular education to provide a comprehensive hands-on learning approach. Our unique, engaging Montessori curriculum is designed to teach Hebrew reading, English reading, math, sensorial, practical life, science, geography, handwriting, weekly Parsha, Jewish holidays, music education, culture, art exploration, and more. Students learn to follow their natural curiosity and creativity, and have the opportunity to work independently, in large and small groups, and in daily one-on-one lessons with the teacher. The multi-age classroom, with students from a variety of Jewish backgrounds, provides a unique opportunity for children to learn from one another. Children are not only given the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace, both emotionally and academically, but they learn the skills needed to become the directors and teachers to their own intelligence. The approach allows for teaching each child in his/her own way, and helping every child to thrive.

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For a child having learning or social issues, every day is a struggle. They feel frustrated. Worthless. Their lessons don't make sense. They feel stupid, friendless, and less of a person. By your funding professional help, you help this child feel calmer, more hopeful, more confident, learn, and grow.

New monthly donations and increases made by July 31st will be matched to help more children reach their potential!

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