Resource Room Through the Eyes of a Student

Arie Crown Hebrew Day School

How did the Resource Program at Arie Crown help you?

In elementary school I was diagnosed with a learning disability and I can admit I required a lot of one-on-one help from the staff, but that never stopped the Resource Program at Arie Crown. When I was a student, Mrs. Eimerman was the resource program. The resource room helped me succeed in school. The program educators taught me tricks to help me remember information. For example, the multiplication table, tricks to remember how to spell tricky words and efficient ways to study. I learned to read due to the tireless work of Mrs. Eimerman.

Did you receive services for Math, Reading, or other academic skill development?

Yes, I spent a good portion of my years in Arie Crown benefiting from the resource program. I received services for reading, math, science, history and Judaic studies support. The Wilson reading program was the program I used to learn how to read. (Currently, as an early childhood educator, I LOVE reading).

What do you remember about the Resource Program? Are there any specific events that stand out in your memory?

I remember learning my multiplication tables, learning to read not only during the school year, but through the summers. They worked to help me grow academically. The Resource Program also taught me the importance of time management and staying on task.

If today’s parents asked you about whether they should allow their child to be serviced by the resource program, what would you tell them and why?

If a parent asked me whether they should allow their child to be serviced by the resource program I would tell them yes without any hesitation. I would share my own personal story with them and that the program provides outstanding services. The way students are taught based on what’s best for that student and is treated with respect and love makes all the difference. In the resource program at Arie Crown, each child is taught the tools they need for their success. Teaching a child to meet their needs is like giving a child with poor vision a pair of glasses with the proper prescription. Teaching a child to meet the needs of others is like taking away a child’s glasses.

How do you think your experiences in the resource program have affected you in the long run?

I recently graduated college and am currently teaching in a preschool. I cannot properly describe how without the hard work and dedication of the resource room staff I would not be where I am today. School was not something that I enjoyed nor that came easy to me. Due to the devotion and love that I received throughout Arie Crown, I realized later in life what I wanted to do professionally. The love and care that the staff provided has inspired and impacted me to do the same, but for the next generation. The way I interact with my students now is impacted because of Arie Crown’s resource program. My memories in Arie crown are full of warm, happy and positive memories. I can keep going in regards to how much this incredible program helped me succeed and how much it has had an impact on my life nine years later.


The 2023/5783 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Strength in Unity

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