Do you want to live on forever?

This is how you do it. By using your time and resources in a valuable and meaningful way. How? By helping others in something that lasts and has meaning.

A life filled with meaning will live on forever. You’ll be remembered by…

  1. What you did with your time and resources during your life.
  2. What you ensured to happen even after your lifetime with your resources.

Reflect on some great people in your life and you’ll agree.

How can we meaningfully help others? – By providing an excellent Jewish education for all children. Please include Kehillah Jewish Education Fund in your life plans. Click here.

To a Jew, there’s nothing more important to our peoplehood than transmitting our Jewish values through a Jewish education. A Jewish education gives a person the tools to appreciate the depth, the wisdom and beauty of our traditions, the sacred system of the Torah. A Jewish education transforms Jewish traditions and practices, which can otherwise become rote and meaningless, to meaningful and emotional experiences that connect you with G-d and that last forever. A Jewish education is the only vehicle that guarantees a Jewish future.

Please include Kehillah Jewish Education Fund in your will. Click here.

We’ve all seen in our own families and maybe in our own lives how, due to various stresses and influences, our children and maybe ourselves left Judaism, or are on the brink of it. That’s not okay. And we can do something about it. Maybe we can help our children after the fact. But we can definitely help others before they get to the “point of no return”.

Project JEF, Jewish Education Forever, an endowment fund, will make a Jewish day school education available to any family that wants one, regardless of their financial means. You will be educating the next generation of Jewish leaders. And you will live forever through the deeds your generosity made possible. It’s powerful! It’s the most meaningful thing you can possibly do. Include Kehillah Jewish Education Fund in your will. Click here.

You don’t have to be wealthy to make a difference. Click here to check out the variety of resources that are at your disposal. Talk with one of our volunteer lawyers who can make your dreams and wishes of living a meaningful life that will last forever become a reality at the right time.

Please include Kehillah Jewish Education Fund in your life plans, your will.

This is important. Call me, Nesanel Siegal, at 847-366-0065. Let’s think this through together and consider what’s right for you.

Click here for a partial list of ways to make your “forever difference”.

Nesanel Siegal