Click here to make a donation for the teachers TONIGHT’S EVENT IS CANCELED We were approached by many in the community who felt the timing of our event wasn’t appropriate before the Yomim Nora’im. In the spirit of community unity and respect for our Rabanim, we have decided to not hold the event Tuesday evening. However, the purpose of the event wasn’t for the sake of the event itself, but rather as a means to accomplish our primary goal:  to raise funds for the Heroes of our community, our teachers, and that is B’Ezras Hashem still going to happen. In fact, the spirit of our decision to cancel the event is in line with the underlying purpose of honoring our teachers: showing appreciation and demonstrating community unity. Being that the event will not be held, we are happy to refund your money if you would like. However, we hope that you will choose to have us put it towards the originally intended goal of raising $165,000, so as to succeed in receiving the matching grant of $500,000. All of this would go to the Heroes of our Community, the wonderful teachers who teach our precious children, and enhance their Yom Tovim season.Please let us know your decision by this Friday, by responding to heroesofchinuch@gmail.com. If you choose to donate you can do so by following this link: https://ssl.charityweb.net/kehillahfund/HEROES.htm Thank You! Committee Chairmen: Tomer & Jennifer Bitton,Eli & Chasi Davis,David & Chaya Tova Hartman,Benjy & Estie Israel, Ami & Aviva Robinson heroes-4 Click here to make a donation for the teachers