Brachos Fair (2)The Pre1A girls have been busy learning their Brachos and to end the unit, Morah Chava prepared a mini Brachos Fair. The girls from Kitah Gimmel were invited to be in charge of the activities. The Pre1A girls first sang two Brachos songs and off they went to have fun! Braiding Challah for Hamotzi, making Aleph Bais for Mezonos and cutting up fruits for a Haeitz salad were just some of the yummy centers the girls enjoyed. What a nice way for the girls to get together and enjoy each other’s company! a.   Chof Daled Teves The Cheder boys in grades 1-5 davened the morning prayers together in honor of the Yahrtzeit of the Alter Rebbe. They also had two separate farbrengens, one for the younger grades and one for the older grades. The boys sang niggunim, heard stories about the Alter Rebbe and about this special day. They all enjoyed a special snack. Thank you Rabbi Turk, Rabbi Moscowitz, Rabbi Lipskier and Rabbi Brody for farbrenging with our Talmidim. c.d.e.b.  


The 2022/5782 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Building Our Future, Together