At Cheder Lubavitch Girls School, Veteran Educator Mrs. Stephanie Schreiber uses creative lessons to help her junior high school girls use the subjects they learn in different areas. “Geography helphallway, they could see their “worlds” hanging from the ceiling! “We use math in our everyday lives.” This statement is the foundation of our 7th/8th grade girls’ Algebra class; the goal is math literacy. At the end of each unit, the girls are required to show relevancy for their newly acquired math skills. Each group created their own board games with word problems to be solved: GyMATHstics, Math Ladder, Math Path, and Math Blurt. The entire class was excited to create relevant and fun activities for their classmates! Bees Yonason the Beekeeper came to Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School shortly before Rosh Hashana. He showed the children all about bees. The boys and girls learned hands-on about how honey is made and how beehives work. They even got to taste some sweet honey. The children gained a great appreciation for this wonderful gift from Hashem! Pirchei Awards This fall Rabbi Nochum Stein of Pirchei came to present the seforim and awards boys from Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School earned for learning mishnayos and Gemara last year. Rabbi Stein encouraged the boys to continue learning and growing in Torah and taking the tests. One of the highlights was a siyum on an entire seder of mishnayos made by Meir Twersky of kita ches. qw w4 w3 w2


The 2023/5783 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Strength in Unity

Kehillah Fund Annual Report 2023 - cover