Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School Field Trips

To enhance and reinforce the material studied in General Studies, the boys at Cheder Lubavitch went on field trips to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and to Lurvey’s Garden Center. As part of the social studies curriculum, the eighth grade boys have been learning about the Holocaust. As part of the science curriculum, the fifth grade boys have been learning about plants, growing plants in their classroom with special lights, and planting them in the front of the Cheder.

The 8th grade boys went to the Illinois Holocaust Museum. They started in the Room of Remembrance, which really got them thinking about how important it is to hold on to the memories of the Holocaust. Then they learned how Hitler ימ”ש rose to power. Even though the Jews were oppressed, they gathered to draw strength from one another.

At the end of our tour, Mr. Winthrop, a Holocaust survivor, shared his experience with us about life in the ghetto and in Auschwitz. They learned so much about the Holocaust from their short visit. They were very inspired when Mr. Winthrop said he would put on Tefillin with them, even though he was on a tight schedule.

The 5th Grade Boys went on a field trip to Lurvey’s Garden Center. The staff at Lurvey’s were so nice. Tracy spoke to the boys all about plants, how to care for them, and our need for them. She also explained to the boys how important bees are for plants. She also gave them four large pots for their classroom. The boys also used their math rounding skills while purchasing plants.


The 2022/5782 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Building Our Future, Together