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– Read how education is not just book learning. It’s about the whole person
– A teacher creatively promotes her student’s math application to everyday life
– How to create a mindset for success 

How Do I Motivate My Child To Learn? Chaya Z.

How Do I Motivate My Child To Learn? Chaya Zlatopolsky MA, LBSI I hear this question more often than any other. “How do I motivate my child to learn?” Motivating a child can seem like a daunting task, but rather than seeing your child as a vessel needing to be filled, see them as a […]

Our Most Valuable Resources – Resource Room

Our Most Valuable Resources by: Esther Tarkieltaub MA. Ed Needless to say, our children are our most valuable resources. When a child has learning challenges, they often learn a different way or thrive best when learning in a different setting than the regular classroom for a period of time during the day. Visiting a resource […]

Raising Our Children

Raising Our Children by: Esther Tarkieltaub MA.Ed Raising our children is a unique bracha given to us by Hashem. No doubt, it is a tremendous responsibility that comes with very real challenges. But, we must never lose sight of the fact that the opportunity to raise children and help them realize their potential is one […]

Happiness, Blessings and Good – The Lesson of Shevat

Creating Mindsets of Kindness Happiness, Blessings and Good – The Lesson of Shevat Contributed by: Esther Tarkieltaub LBS1, etlearningconnections@gmail.com As we end the month of Shevat and look forward to Purim, I wanted to take a moment and share a beautiful thought I heard about the month of Shevat from Rabbi Efriam Twerski. The month […]

Educational Benefits of Chess

Beyond the Game When I was 5 or 6 years old, my Zeide began teaching me the art of playing chess. It became my favorite pastime. So engrossed was I in the game, that I didn’t realize that my Zeide was giving me a roadmap for life. Each lesson was jam-packed with a wide range of attributes such as concentration, memory, logic, critical thinking, problem solving and more.

Yeshiva Ohr Boruch Updates 5

Year-End Wind-Up, Not Wind-Down As a school year winds down, and warm summer weather makes outings, parks and recreation more tantalizing than the classroom, it can be challenging to keep students motivated to continue learning. Though we know that limud Torah is a year-round activity, not confined to the school environment and calendar, and that […]

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The 2023/5783 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Strength in Unity

Kehillah Fund Annual Report 2023 - cover