Aderabah: YOB

Aderabah – Accentuating Positive Middos Yeshiva Ohr Boruch People have a natural tendency to judge and criticize others. Our Sages (Avos, Ch. 2, Mishna 4) tell us that this is not the Torah way of acting. “Hillel says …do not judge your fellow until you have attained his place”. There is a phrase in the […]

Discovering Trade Dynamics: Hillel Torah

Discovering Trade Dynamics Hillel Torah Ms. Schneider’s Social Studies class participated in a collaborative activity that simulated trade between countries over 1,000 years ago. The students were divided into five cities with varying degrees of wealth.“Not only is this game competitive, which I love, it is actually connected to what we’re learning,” remarked Jordana Zwelling.Each round had […]

Re: Invest in Kids Act— We need to jump all over this—NOW!

Re: Invest in Kids Act— We need to jump all over this—NOW! Dear members of our holy Jewish community and you all are, I’m writing to urge you to participate in something monumental! Agudath Israel of Illinois, as Hashem’s messenger, has helped pass historic legislation that can become a “game-changer” for our schools and our […]


The 2023/5783 Kehillah Fund Annual Report: Strength in Unity

Kehillah Fund Annual Report 2023 - cover