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Imagine the Merit

Can you imagine the massive merit of sponsoring a full day of the Torah learning and prayer of 3,000 Jewish children in our community? That merit can be yours. It’s within your reach and will have a lasting impact.

When you become a Parnas HaYom through the Kehillah Fund, your dedication provides support for our schools and demonstrates how much you value Jewish education. And your support is appreciated publicly in the schools and by the Kehillah Fund.

As a Parnas Hayom, you can

  • Commemorate a yahrzeit
  • Honor a parent, teacher, or leader
  • Add significance to a simcha
  • Merit a zechus for a loved one’s refuah

Your gift will be acknowledged with a beautiful, personalized certificate. The schools and the Kehillah Fund will publicly thank Parnas Hayom sponsors.

To dedicate a Day of Learning, CLICK HERE TO RESERVE A DATE.

The basic charge is $360 per announcement.

For more information contact Nesanel Siegal at (224) 470-2926 or email




2017 Parnas HaYom Sponsors

May 10th –  The Stern Family and Buckingham Pavilion Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

March 13 – The Robinson and Noble Families

2016 Parnas HaYom Sponsors

May 10 – Rabbi and Mrs. Yehoshua Starr

2015 Parnas HaYom Sponsors

May 1 – The Stern Family and Buckingham Pavilion Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

April 21 – Rabbi and Mrs. Yehoshua Starr

February 25 – The Stern Family and Buckingham Pavilion Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

January 8 – Freda Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Robinson, Dr. and Mrs. Steve Geller, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Levitt

January 6 – Rothner and Levine Families

2014 Parnas HaYom Sponsors

November 25 – Miriam Friedman and Family

September 8 – Dr. and Mrs. Yosef Walder

September  3 – Dr. and Mrs. Justin Gordon

June 10 – Mr. and Mrs. Heshy Wengrow

May 14 – Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom M. Siegal

May 1 – Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom M. Siegal

March 13 – Anonymous Sponsor




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