What We Do

The Kehillah Jewish Education Fund is dedicated to funding the ATT group of Jewish day schools across Chicago. We implement communal funding systems to support Jewish education into the future.

Why shouldn’t the parents be fully responsible for paying for their own children’s education? Because that system simply doesn’t work! An education is a basic need and right of every child and is too costly for 85-90% of all families to afford. The general public recognizes that we are all enriched from a well-informed and educated citizen and we therefore fund public school education willingly through our communal taxes. Similarly, our Jewish community must realize that our future is dependent on a superb Jewish and secular education that produces proud, knowledgeable leaders for the next generation. And it too needs to be communally funded.

Today, over 3,000 children are served in our eleven local ATT schools which provide outstanding education, rich programming and extensive student services. The Kehillah Jewish Education Fund calls upon all of the Chicago-land Jewish community to join in day school support. Our desire to ‘unite the community’ is based upon the Torah principle of communal responsibility, the age-old model of a central Kehillah Fund and straight forward common sense. We’ve established a highly effective and efficient system to ensure that funding reaches all our schools every month with a simple, single sign-up and pledge.

The Kehillah Fund Program Details

Each month we process the pledges of over 1500 members. Over $62,000 in total are currently disbursed monthly to our schools on a per capita student enrollment basis. We’ve been doing this for over 160 consecutive months and directed more than $10 million of communal funding to-date, since 2004.

Here are just a few examples of how our children benefit:

  • Scholarships
  • Added programs in reading and science
  • Materials for resource rooms
  • More teachers and aids, to reduce class size

News Briefs

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